Anil Gupta, CEO

Anil Gupta Our CEO and chairman with over 25 years of business acumen in India and abroad is the founder member of this Coveted group called SBM Group, formed solely to develop our IT acumen and take it to the pinnacle heights. With his Business knowledge and industry experience today SBM group stands tall and is a leading name in software consulting and staffing.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Siddharth Sinha, Vice President

Siddharth Sinha our Vice President – Business operations head of Marketing has a Master in Business managemet from IIM calcutta with core specialization in sales& marketing. With over 18 years of Industry exposure his work experience comprises of various roles in Sales strategy development, Human resource management, Contract Management and Legal administration. His contribution to the continued development of our organization is Pivotal. Mr. Sinha provides leadership and strategic direction to SBM Group, and has built a strong team of capable people around him to lead the company.                                                                                                                                                

Deepa Khard, President

Deepa Khard our President, is an Ex TCS executive with more than 18 years of Industry experience is a Masters in Business management with specialization in Operation Research /Systems from Indian institute of Management Calcutta. Her experience ranges from being a System analyst to a Project Manager in Fortune 500 corporations in various part of the world. Her understanding and foresight in technologies, people and management is an added asset to our company’s growth plans.

Bib Patnaik, Business Development Director

Bib Patnaik our Business Development Director is another well recognized name in the staffing industry with over 20 years of industry experience in software consulting, with a Master degree in Business management with specialization in Finance and Marketing. He has held senior management positions with several leading Firms, Bib is highly skilled in managing the sales of most critical benefit administration support tasks that typically surround the entire Business lifecycle. He is dedicated to the continuous development of SBM Group. This outstanding contribution makes him the stalwart of SBM Group, with his sheer Business understanding of the market has taken SBM Group to unprecedented heights.